Earn back with Primal

At Primal, we love and encourage members to take videos for the purpose of viewing members progress. A great way to look back and see how far they have come on their fitness journey.
We also know that members love to share their journeys on social media which in turn gives Primal Strength exposure.

We at Primal would love to reward those members who help show case what we offer by sharing their fitness journeys on social media.
By signing up for a primal collab, you will be given a unique code which you can then share on your socials or between family and friends.
For any new member who uses this link to come join you, you will then receive a payment of $10.00 per member.

If you are interested in taking us up on this offer then please follow this link. All you'll need is a free Shopify account to apply.

Thanks for jumping on board this offer to spread the good word about Primal Strength and Conditioning.