On Ramp Fundamentals

Always wanted to join PRIMAL but felt like you would get left behind with so many exercises to learn! Now's the perfect chance with our On-Ramp Fundamentals sessions.

Our On-Ramp small group sessions are the perfect opportunity to break the ice and learn the fundamentals of movements we use at PRIMAL.

We focus on key technique points to allow you to move freely and safely! Allowing us to asses movement and give you the right ques and pointers to access your bodies full potential.

Session 1 - Squat and Pull

- Squat (Goblet, Back, Front and OH), Lunge.

- Bent Over Row, Pull Up (Strict, Jumping), Ring Row

Session 2 - Hinge and Push

-Deadlift, Swing, RDL

- Strict Press, Bench Press

Session 3 - ZUU

- Frogs, Half Hindus, Walk Thrus, Gorillas, Bear Crawls, Kicksits.

Book In Required.