Head Coach Tim 

  • Zuu Level 1 & 2 Qualified
  • Ankorr Level 1 Qualified
  • Completed Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Clinic
  • Netfit Fitness Instructor Level 3
  • Netfit Fitness Instructor Level 4
  • Netfit Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Netfit Coaching Olympic Weightlifting Level 1
  • Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Coach East Coast Bays Rugby Club
  • Comprehensive First Aid

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Coach Dre

  • 4 years coaching HIIT style training in a crossfit gym
  • Experience with Crossfit coaching
  • Level 1 Rugby Referee
  • 19 years of coaching kids in a variety of school sports
  • Comprehensive First Aid

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 Coach Aza 


  • Level 1 ZUU Qualified
  • Level 1 Ankkor Qualified
  • Last 5 years trainer at:
  • Ludus Magnus
  • Discipline Performance (D7)
  • Zero
  • Comprehensive First Aid

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Coach Emma 

Hey, I’m Emma! I was always the sporty kid at school. This developed into a passion when I discovered the positive effect fitness had on my mental health and happiness. I have a background in CrossFit and bodybuilding as well long distance running. I love Primal because of the awesome community that it has built. We are a bunch of like minded individuals who want to work out hard and have fun! You’ll usually find me at the 5.15am classes working up a sweat but I love throwing around a barbell and busting out wall balls for fun!