Health & Safety

At Primal you can rest assured that we take the Health and Safety of all of our trainers, childminders, members, visitors and contractors extremely seriously. We believe that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and therefore it is our duty to make you aware of the unique hazards and
risks associated with our facility, enabling you to take care of yourself and others. Anything new that arises will be updated on this site, so we encourage you to re-visit this page to stay informed.

Please watch out for moving vehicles, we share a driveway with other tenants and need to respect that they have cars/utes/forklifts etc that they use as part of the work that they do. It’s a busy area so please always walk up and down the driveway (don’t run). When there is a moving vehicle, please move a safe distance away from it and make sure that the driver or forklift operator is aware
that you’re there. If you have a little one with you, please make sure that they are fully supervised both on the road and in the driveway before and after your workout.

Gym equipment, bags, drink bottles, towels, clothing and any other belongings on the floor can cause others to trip over, please be mindful by placing unused equipment and your belongings that you use during a class out of the way of others. All belongings not used during a class should be placed in the cubby holes provided next to the bathroom.

As much as we love watching our members push themselves and ‘strive to achieve their goals, it’s important to remember to always work within your range. If you are injured or even just have a niggle, we request that you tell one of our trainers so that they can adapt the movements to cater for whatever
the issue may be. We also ask that you never use weights or equipment outside of your capability/strength level without first discussing it with a trainer. We are here to help improve your wellbeing, not cause more harm.

If you’re receiving medication or treatment from a medical professional regarding a health issue that could be affected by exercise, please advise us of this immediately if you plan to continue to train. It is extremely important that your trainer is made aware of any medical issues as soon as they arise so
that they can work with you to ensure that you will be safe during their classes. If there is any uncertainty, we may request a medical certificate from your Doctor stating that it is safe for you to train.

If you’re not sweating during one of our classes or PT sessions, then you’re not working hard enough! With this said though, personal hygiene – especially given the current climate – is super important and we need to be mindful of the health and physical wellbeing of everyone who comes into the gym. We practice our own strong cleaning practices by mopping the floor and sanitizing all equipment and toys daily but we also ask that you do your bit by adhering to the following:

- Please ensure that if you are unwell you do not attend the gym until you are better.
- Once finished with all equipment, give it a clean using the spray bottles and paper towels
- If it’s obvious that you’ve worked particularly hard (i.e. you’ve left a trail of droplets on the floor during bear crawls!) then please use the mop to clean the floor area you’ve worked in.
- When using the bathroom facilities, please make sure you leave it nice and clean for the next person.
- Please either place rubbish in the bins provided prior to leaving or take it with you.

We encourage parents to bring their children along to the gym, it gives them a good sense of community and a positive understanding of the importance of exercise to our overall health and wellbeing. Primal Tots is our childminding service that we provide for all babies and young children while their parent/caregiver is working out. If you plan to use this service, please ensure that you leave your child(ren) with the carers prior to your class beginning and provide them with everything that they will need during this time e.g. bottles, dummies, favourite toy etc.

If your child doesn’t want to go into the Primal Tots room, they are allowed within the gym, but we have strict rules in place for this. Babies and young toddlers must be strapped into a pram and pre- schoolers/school aged children must sit on the bottom step of the staircase.

Within the gym environment we have heavy equipment, a small amount of cleaning chemicals, lots of sweaty adults and moving vehicles outside. The last thing any of us wants is for harm to come to any child, therefore we will request that you resume your parenting duties earlier than the class finishes if we believe that they or others are in danger.

In the unlikely event of an emergency our team are trained in our evacuation procedures and will provide instruction. Each emergency has a different procedure, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our emergency protocols which are located at the entrance of the gym.

We do regular safety checks to ensure that the gym is as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy.
However, we also rely on our members to communicate with us. Please, if you see something unsafe, or you’re not comfortable about something, tell us so that we can address it appropriately.
Our team are all first aid trained, so if you are feeling unwell or see someone struggling, please approach one of us immediately to help.

Finally, we appreciate that reading about health and safety is not everyone’s cup of tea, however it’s important and we truly believe that having good safe practices and procedures in place is key to making our home away from home even more epic. We are all about our community of awesome people and hope that this will resonate with you so that we can all have each other’s backs. Thanks for reading, we truly appreciate it.

Tim and Renee


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