My experience training with Tim Ball is one of the best I have come across. I find Tim has a lot to offer so whatever area you are interested in, being weights or cardio etc he always has something for you and encourages you in areas  you may not feel comfortable. I find Tim’s style of training is very interactive with others which means I feel very comfortable in the environment I am training in and I never find myself feeling embarrassed or feel like I am being judged by him or others. I would recommend Tim for someone who is serious about training, getting a healthy lifestyle and  achieving whatever goals you may have while having good laughs along the way! 🙂 ~Milli Korach
I have been training with Tim for 5 months now, in this time I have learnt so much! When I first started I wasn’t strong at all and very unfit, but with Tim’s help and guidance  I am now very confident with weights and my overall fitness level has improved so much.  Tim’s training style is unique and very effective, every session I learn new things and feel like Iv been pushed just that little bit more than last, most of all he makes everything so enjoyable.  The different programmes and classes Tim offer really suit everyone of all fitness levels! I cannot recommend Tim enough, he is a top notch personal trainer! ~Laura Martelli
I have known Tim since his arrival at Anytime Fitness(Tauranga) in October 2015. Over this time, I can say that he is an admirable addition and a strong asset to this gym. Tim has a great work ethic, is enthusiastic, courteous and always keen to improve his clients’ skills and techniques in a physical setting. He develops positive relationships and relates well to others using his interest and ability to motivate and drive you independently or in a group situation to achieve set goals and expectations. Tim tailors training styles to reflect your personal pace and goals, is supportive in the implementation of any programme and provides encouragement to stay focused while working to your end result. I admire his attitude and personal desire to succeed at a high level.
~Julia Collins
I had the pleasure of first meeting Tim when he moved to Tauranga and joined Anytime Fitness – I was in fact his first client, and knew our journey would be a good one! I have found Tim to maintain professionalism while also making you feel comfortable in your environment. He is extremely passionate about his job, always has a helping hand, and is willing to go the extra mile with a smile!  He pushes you to your limit, makes no judgement about your ability, and believes in you 100%. Having had previous knee and back injuries, I have never felt as good as I have since training with Tim, and he caters to a full body workout while understanding your goals and your limitations. If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you as a person, not just another number, then Tim is your go-to-guy! I have really only been committed to the gym for the past 3 months, but in that time and with Tim side-by-side, I have lost 17kg and more than 50cm off my measurements. As a competitive Dragonboater, we have some great goals to achieve ready for next season! Highly recommend his services, and the best investment I have ever made.
~Brooke Hargreaves
I had  Tim do an initial programme for me which was mostly weights based and then went on to join the gym’s “battle of the bulge” challenge in in the group that Tim was working with. He was very good at getting the team to gel and encourage each other to keep going. Tim was very good at offering gentle words of encouragement  pushing us to get that little bit of extra performance, go faster or go heavier. Being, I hate to say it, a middle aged office worker, I was surprised what my body could take. I’m now fitter than I have been for a long time and keen to continue being challenged. I am continuing to attend Tim’s regular classes which, I will not lie, are certainly not easy. The classes are self paced so as you get better you fit more reps in. I know they have good benefits for me in terms of fitness and flexibility. The class atmosphere is fun and encouraging. ~Andrew Sutherland
I have been seeing Tim for about 6 months to rehab a sports related knee injury. With Tim’s help I have been able to resume the outdoor pursuits I enjoy so much with the confidence I have done everything I can to be fit enough.
I find Tim to be a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he listens to what I want to achieve and puts in place the programmes best able to deliver the outcomes required. At no point has he applied a one size fit all approach.
I do not hesitate to recommend Tim as a trainer who can meet the needs of his clients in a friendly and professional manner.
~Richard Conning
If not for Tim, I would have wasted away another gym membership. Working with Tim has dramatically improved my fitness, strength, flexibility and mobility. His group ZUUand ANKORR sessions are good fun and always a good challenge – no two sessions are ever the same. Tim’s passion for fitness and wellness is contagious. He’s awesome and he’ll get you results. Boom!~Kat Sutherland