Primal Strength and Conditionings newest Challenge.
16/05 - 03/07

A challenge designed to test you mentally and physically and set a sustainable routine you can carry out.

This challenge has 5 key ANCHOR's that need to be done every day without any excuses or you have a penalty of 100 Burpees.

“What’s Your Hard” will help produce a mindset that will help you develop the right attitude for when things get tough, you'll now have the resilience to get through. No matter what is thrown at YOU.

The 5 ANCHORs which you are to complete every day are to set good habits and build that mental resilience.

Head coach Tim has set some example goals to keep him on track to get the best out of his chosen Tier


  • No phone after 730pm
  • 6-7hrs sleep per night, Be in bed by 9 if completed all my ANCHOR’s
  • Podcast while walking the dog.
  • 20min minimum stretching per night
  • Structure training
  • DON’T OVER EAT. Eat till I am satisficed and not FULL.


  You must DO these each day
(These are non-negotiable)

  1. One to two workouts per day. One inside and one outside.
  2. Read 10 pages of a book per night. or practice mindful gratefulness daily
  3. Drink 3 liters of water per day.
  4. Follow a nutrition plan for your chosen Tier.
  5. NO alcohol during the week days. Limited consumption on weekends.
  1. Workouts (example)
  •     Workout #1 (gym) – Strength, HIIT, ZUU, HYBRID. 45 mins or more!
  • Workout #2 (outside) – Run, walk, yoga, Pilates. 30 mins or more!
  1. This must be something that will upskill you in life (example)
  • Self-help, personal development
  1. Drinking 3L per day has huge benefits
  • Cleanses the toxins inside your body
  • Boosts immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Normal bowel movements
  • Increases mental and physical performance
  • Prevents headaches and cramps
  1. Nutrition Plan – This can be a personal customized plan, a generic plan, something from the internet or even something that’s worked for a friend.

Your plan needs to be fueling your body correctly to give you the best mental and physical performance through your chosen tier.

Commitment and consistency will give you results

  1. Limited Alcohol –
    NO Alcohol during the week days.
    Limited consumption on the weekends.
    Now is the chance to really test those habits.  Your goal is to improve, so this is where you need to set your limits. If ZERO alcohol consumption is what you want, then do it.
    If you feel that you would like to enjoy a beer or glass of wine on the weekend or at a social gathering, then set your limit and stick to it. 
    Do not set your self up for failure.



What do your goals need to be?

S = Specific – What is your GOAL?

M = Measurable – How are you going to measure your progress?

A = Achievable – Is your GOAL achievable? How are you going to achieve it?

R = Realistic – Is it a realistic GOAL in the time frame?

T = Timely – Start date: xx/xx/xx , Finish date: xx/xx/xx


What's included :

  • Before & After Body scans
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Entry to the challenge 
  • Unlimited classes per week
  • Open gym times to practice your skills
  • Private FACEBOOK group 
  • Discounts codes 
  • Before & After fitness testing
Complete all the questions on the form and once your have secured your spot through payment, you will then receive your pack via email. This will include daily check lists and resources which can either be printed or added to your phone.

This challenge is not designed to be easy!
It is going to be rough. It is going to test you mentally. You are going to have to find your inner motivation every day and prioritize your time. But we can guarantee you that

So are you ready to commit?
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